Revell Snap Kit conversion to Slot Car

Here is the start, body as it comes in the Revell Kit, also using the Revell kit chassis.. some of it anyway. It is just sitting on the chassis here, it will not be so low when finished. Chassis is complete, now to start hacking the body.

I went with one of the original two tone colors from back in the day blk/wht.This was also my 1st attempt with Bare metal foil. It was used on the grill, wing windows,rear bumper, and side body chrome.

Motor is from a diecast 1/64 Muscle Machines car, front wheels Carrera, rears are Pro track 1/32s. Gauges were made from some chrome spru.

Chassis is a combination of the Revell kit and a cut out Artin motor pod. Yes thats a drop arm made from brass flat stock and piano wire. A magnet was added to the guide area to keep it in the slot.It has about 3/4" travel. Used a couple spots of hot glue to hold the body in place.

Front veiw here to show how high the front comes up. This is staged, but if you check the VIDEO , you can see it in action.

Now what 55 Chevy would be complete without being "FLIPPED" The doghouse was cut using a Exacto saw and knife. Hinge is made with brass tubing and piano wire.

Close up shot of the MUSCLE, left/right complete with headers made from solder, and plug wires made from armature wire.

And here is all you will see if your on the strip with this bad boy.

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