What if Dale Jr. drove the #3 car ?

  I decided to do somewhat of a fantasy livery here,a little Dale Sr.with a
  little Dale Jr.. Here are the fine points painted with TAMIYA bright red
  decaled with 2 different sets.Also there are 4 small Basset Wheel decals
  inside each wheel. The interior was reworked by replacing the driver bust
  with a full figure, steering wheel,shift handle,and a few extra roll
  bars.The glass was drilled out so I could insert 2 weight jack bolts, and
  pan hard bar adj.Small aero wing added to rear glass. Exhaust pipes made
  from brass tubing, floor jack locator posts added  to both sides.Fuel cell
  added to chassis, window net from a monogram kit.The hood was cut and
  removed to add a brass/piano wire hinge. Engine and firewall is from a
  monogram kit, the engine has been wired and cut so the front axle passes
  threw it. It does run but it probably will be displayed to much work !!!!!!