I`m not building this Slot Car as a daily driver, but because I remember building the model kit as a child. And I like the challenge of making something unavailable to the masses. Now I`m not one to buy a car to sit on the shelf... but I will build a few !!!!



Here is where I started, the chassis sitting with a un-modified chassis. The motor pod was a donation from  a Monogram slot car.


The next step was to get the front axle, and ladder bars together. I decided to use brass for these items. Everything was cut and soldered together. The front axle and leaf springs were then covered with Bare Metal Foil.




Here is the rear end after completed, since I had so much bulk chassis hanging low here, it was all panted flat black, and I cut a rear end housing from a nascar kit, trimmed it up a bit and glued it over the rear axle area. It helped to camouflage it  a little.

Up front, motor is from a MUSCLE MACHINES 1/64 dicast car, with the usual solder header pipes and brass collectors. I placed the guide as forward as possible to help hide from a side view.


I went with the red tinted window version because that was the kit I remember building. Used testers transparent red sprayed from the inside. Rear side windows were donors cut from a 1/24 model kit.


The wheels and tires are from a Carerra Camaro  "BRUTUS"



The big hold up on getting this finished was the clear hood scoop. Nothing even close in 1/32. While sitting at my work table trying to figure out what to use. It jumped right at me. Hanging on the peg board was a silver fine point marker. Well the plastic blister that held it to the backing was perfect, rounded end and all.

Also was able to use the complete model kit interior with the sidewinder motor setup.


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