I`ve had this car sinse it`s release date for only one reason... to chop it up. ;-). Finally with a little time to play it`s time to get started. I`ll start with the tear down and removal of the doghouse. Not much here for re-use other than the interior tray and maybe the glass, chassis will also be history.

On to the chassis jig now to get things squared up and the rear axle in place. Motor mount has been fabbed from brass and soldered to the chassis. Motor will be a Scaley slim line take out, slot.it 34t spur 12 t pinion. Wheels are my own custom made from Delrin for the project, with Derby Slot Car Parts WIDE 5  resin inserts.



Spindle bolts have been installed these are from WALTHERS train store. The spindles were all scratch built using brass and steel wire.


Here the spindles have been test fit so I could get the tie rods V shaped thing built. Also a old style Carerra guide is being drilled for a steering rod that will connect to the V.


With everything in place the front steering seems to be working as I hoped it would. WOO HOO !!



Some coil over shocks have been made now to add some realism to the front suspension. These were made using 2 sizes of brass tubing that fit inside each other. The springs are from the tumblers in a FORD ignition switch. Rubber bushings are insulation stripped off wire.


Now for a radiator, for this I used a plastic radiator from a 1/24 model kit. It was then cut down to the size I needed, also a brass channel frame was made to resemble the tanks. Another channel was cut and soldered in between the shock support for the radiator to sit in.



Few more items added here, roll cage has been installed, along with the front support nerf bar. Also have added a motor block so I can get things all lined up. Had to change the top coil  over bracket because the old one didn`t allow room for the nerf bar.



Here`s a couple shots, one showing how the radiator leans over the top of the guide to help hide it. The other just showing the body over the roll cage.


I have now added the rear nerf bars and the support brackets to hold the fuel cell. Evergreen plastic was used to make the cell just by cutting 2 pieces 3/4" long, glued them together and capped the ends with flat styrene.


Here  you can see the fuel cell after the filler neck was added and it was placed  in the brackets for fitting. Also a top view of the chassis after I have installed the firewall and steering column .Steering wheel is from a 1/24 kit because allot of these guys like giant wheels. The driver will be centered in the interior, the rest of the interior will be made from styrene.


And just a couple pictures with the body sitting on the chassis. Gas filler tube sticking out a hole in the deck lid.



Last thing to do before painting the chassis is to add the interior. I first was going to make this with styrene, but decided to go with aluminum sheet. It is a bit lighter than the plastic would have been, and it looks better with no need for paint.

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