Fall Festival at J-Town Elementary School

Man let me tell you, this was a test of my patients have never put the same cars back on the track sooooo many times. But it was all worth the time and effort. Most of these children had never been exposed to this type of fun. And they really seemed to have a great time. This was the high point of the party by a long shot. The kids had to buy 1 token for 25¢, for this they got 5 minutes of racing. And there was never a shortage of racers. Each time we started a new race I went through the basics of the controller braking points and the such. Witch actually went in one ear and out the other, they just wanted to race.The money raised  went to the school PTA fund. Enjoy the smiling faces  !!!!

The track before

The rest is HISTORY

This young man here in the white shirt (Mike) was a life saver, he volunteered to help me on the far end of the track. And he was awesome. Caught on very fast, He earned a nice tip when the night ended. He stars in quite a few pictures.

There were allot of parents that left with  business cards for the LHS. I think they will be selling a few tracks at Christmas time Hee Hee.

And here is a shot of myself holding down the other end.

Dad said he was helping out here but I know better, just look at that face...

This young man here pointing was probably the big surprise. This kid can drive, I think we`ll be seeing more from him. Oh and there is dad again "HELPING"

This was a hoot, the principle grabbed me before we left and asked if I could come back in May. I said no problem, but I`m bringing back up next time.


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