My intentions was to simply use the model kit chassis and add running gear. But the chassis was so badly warped, I had no choice but to build a brass insert to twist the chassis into line. First thing was to get the wheelbase measurement. Then off to the chassis jig to start assembly. This ain`t no fancy brass works here, just a simple square to get everything mounted into.

Here is the brass chassis sitting along side the model kit plastic chassis. As you can see the plastic chassis has been whittled out to match up to the new innards.

Here is a top, bottom view of the 2 parts together. The 2 parts are set up to screw together by 2 countersunk screws in the front, and 2 machine screws in the rear.

Front shot of the interior, it had to be trimmed to clear the new brass chassis.

This is a 1/24 scale kit so all wheels/tires/gearing/axles are BRM parts. Power is supplied by a NINCO NC-6.

The guide flag mount has been installed, along with the front splitter,which I decided to make brass also as a part of the chassis to give a bit more protection to the body. The guide blade is PARMA.

I also picked up a BRM driver figure while ordering all the other parts. I`ve got him roughed in here with steering wheel in hand. Gauges have been detailed a little.

6 body posts have been installed to the chassis with screws. Now the body will be epoxied to the 6 posts.

Here you can see the body has been mounted to the chassis posts.

Sitting in background the smaller version.

Here was a little problem I ran into. The two tail light bezels are/were really drawn down. This took a little hot water and a piece of piano wire between the 2 points. And it was satisfactory.

Here is the chassis after completed

And the finished car. It is a very smooth runner, plenty of getty-up. When all is said and done

I `ve got about $5 more invested building this kit, as opposed to buying a BRM 1/24 kit. But I have enjoyed this so much more.

Snap kits are for sissys ;-)

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