RMS Cuda Project

I`ll be starting this bash with a great resin body kit from RMS Motor sports, a 1968 Barracuda. Dave Reinecke does in my opinion some of the best 1/32 scale American iron cars in the US. I have used many of his body kits with great results.


I `ll  get started here with the body, I`ve given it about 5 good coats of TAMIYA gold and let it sit for a day. Here along with the decals purchased from PATTO`S PLACE . I have also added a little BMF on the bumpers and gas cap.

Now after the widows have been installed, & decals have been applied along with 3 coats of Pledge.

On to some chassis work now. I`m using the Artin chassis because it`s cheap, and I have had very nice results with them . Below are 2 pictures, top picture shows how the center (motor pod) section was cut and raised. This was done to replicate the cars height in the rear from reference photos I found.

This just gives a comparison of before and after.

Now for the front end, the car was equipped with a straight front axle, so this left me no option but to fabricate one from brass. The front wheels/tires are donors from a Carerra Vette.


Rear wheel time now, for this I used these Slot.it wheels along with the Carerra Vette rear wheels. The rear Carerra wheels were turned down and used as inserts. Tires are from K&D Model Racing , thanks Kevin.

Ok since this car was only a show car, it must be able to do what it did..WHEELIES. The drop arm has been constructed from piano wire and brass tubing.  A small groove was cut in the rear section of the chassis for the brass tubing to be glued into.


Bottom view of the drop arm. Also you can see that the original guide location has been filled in with styrene.

And a shot of the drop arm in its normal position.

And the chassis wouldn't` be complete without WHEELIE WHEELS. These also had to be fabricated, and consist of a couple jewelry pieces, some aluminum tubing, and brass rod.

The completed chassis, along with a motor donated from a MRRC Chaparral, a Slot.it Crown gear, and a couple of brass axle bushings donated from the Carerra Vette.


Now I`m down to getting the interior ready. This was halfway done already with the drivers tray that comes with the body kit. But this back seat gets a little horse power added to it. By way of a muscle machines Hemi. These 2 shots show how everything was put together. As a last minute change, the firewall was made from styrene rather than the card stock shown.


After all the cutting and fitting was finished above. It was time to give the motor a better look.

The interior all glued in place.


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