Here comes another car in my series of Pro Stock drag cars from the past.  For this project I `ll be using a Carerra Cuda as shown at the left.  On the right you see the same body after it  has been stripped in 91% alcohol.




First thing was to fill the hole in the hood, as the factory teardrop was not going to be reused.  The rectangle piece you see was glued inside the hood opening, and the arrow looking piece was glued into the top, just to add filler.

These 2 pictures give you a look at some initial body filler work. The rear spoiler was removed, along with the side pipes and the mirrors.  All these holes had to be filled along with the hole in the hood.



On the left is the first draft of the " LIL BOSS" hood scoop, and on the right, after a second layer added to the top and some filler to hide the glue lines.



This is after the first sanding, and a couple heavy coats of Dupont Automotive sandable primer/filler. Still a little more shaping to do on the scoop, not quite happy yet. Shocked


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