Here is a very simple way to hardwire your home track . I have used this method on all 3 of my tracks with no problems. This is also done on a removable section, so it can be adapted to a new track whenever that time may come. I have done this drawing showing only 1 lane so not to have so many extra lines everywhere. all of the terminal blocks jumper strips, and the fuse block can be had at Radio shack. (12 bolts 1/4" X 2 -1/2", controller hook ups). (2 bolts 1/4" X 2" power supply hookups), (16 nuts 1/4"), (wire 12 gauge),(wire eyelets), and lumber 1" X 3" X 8 ft. can be found at Home Depot all for around $22. If you have a larger track, and you need more than 1 power tap. Just add them to the top of the 8 position terminal block.

Here is the finished panel using the diagram above.This is a complete 4 lane setup. All of the wire used was RED - WHITE - BLACK so it would be easier to track and follow the diagram. The group of wires turning out to the left go to the controller terminals for 2 lanes. The group turning out to the right go to the other 2 lanes.

              View of the completed back panel                                     And the front of the panel


You can easily check your work before you do any mounting of your board. just hook up your controller to a lane. hook up your power supply, make yourself a set of (2) jumper wires with alligator clips on each end.(about 1 1/2' in length). take a single section of straight track and lay it in front of your panel. now attach the jumper wires to the 8 position terminal on the lane you have your controller hooked to. attach the other ends of the jumpers to the 2 track rails.this way you know if all your wiring is correct as in same direction,and if your brakes are working properly.

If you need any more information, just shoot me a email.

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