Tire Truing Station  

Tired of sanding those tires on your track, getting all the rubber everywhere. Being in everyone else's way while their trying to race. I was, so I decided to make a cheap and easy alternative.With a little ingenuity and time I`ve come up with a very compact and affordable Truing Station. Very portable, you can keep it at your work station or at a accessible point for everyone close to your track.This item is a ready to use light weight self contained unit. It comes with a 12 volt constant power supply that only needs a 110 household outlet. 2 reusable sanding pads. one fine grade and one medium grade. Total measurements are length 8" width 4 " small enough to carry in your slot box.


Bottom view

comes with 4 rubber bumpers to help keep the block from moving around while your using it.

Simply plug in the power supply and set your car on the block. Power is automatically transferred to the motor.

By starting with the Medium grade sanding pad you can remove the large amounts of high spots on the tires.

After you have the tires where you can see a nice even contact patch all around,you can switch to the Fine grade sanding pad to finish up the job.

Now with the sanding pads not attached to the block you are also able to lift the pad on each side to get the sides of the tires contoured so they don`t dig into those corners and cause de slots.

I recommend not leaving this Truing Station plugged into the wall outlet when not in use. As with any electrical tool be very safe and careful !!

If you are interested in one of these, just shoot me a email.

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