This is the first track I had, it was set up on a 8' x 16' table. Carrera, and as you can see I was all about speed in the early days. This was the start of a whole new world for me.... NOTICE there are 9 cars sitting here. these are all the early Scaley NASCARS (black windows)  all I had at this time. This track was up and running for 1-1/2 years.

Now this is the second track that was constructed, still Carrera but with the big banking gone. The far end of the track is still banked but not as much as before. everything else was left flat. Also there was another 8' x 8'  added to the table for a new 8' x 24 'table. (NOTICE) the basement is much more comfortable looking. Installed dual controller hook-ups, so any lane can drive from either side of the table.Painted walls, lights and I had finally installed a lap counter. ( thanks Mr. Bugs) Ohh and the shelf on the far wall. Yes it is full of slot cars just 2 years into this ooooo noooo......


 Here is the third design. All the banking gone mostly because of my change in what type cars I drive. nothing much about speed any more, just about having a good time with the cars and people that happen to join me. Everyone in our local club seemed very happy with this layout, so it`s probably here to stay awhile.




And here is the current design. Back with the banking again which is about all that was changed. A little better flow and back to some high speed laps.

next two shots are from the banked end...

Now everyone needs a Oval, so this was the next addition to the DCS. This track is all Artin. 6 lanes 43' outside length. Now here`s a track you can really have fun on. We run everything from 1/32 IRL,TRANS-AM, NASCAR, to 1/24 Pro trackers.

And now after the R4 lanes have been added . R1s were removed from the inside which gave a little more room for a bit of scenery.

This is the latest addition to the basement, and let me tell you. Some real excitement happens when this baby gets fired up. 4lanes of live figure 8 action. You don`t want to put your best car on this track. This was routed from 3/8s MDF on a 4' x 13' table.