CARERRA 1957 Chevy   

Stock To Stocker

I`ll be starting with this brand new Carerra 57 Chevy street version slot car. And will quickly destroy it and start the rebuild process into a short track stock car.

This will hopefully turn out to be a very nicely detailed " model racing car".

Bare with me here, sinse I have no idea what the finished car is going to be. I`ll probably be jumping around from one end to the other.

First up is tearing the new car apart, as you can see here.

Next up was getting the wheel openings cut out so the body could be lowered.

The bottom of the rear quarter panels were also removed.

Inserts are the newest wide fives from my Resin Replicas line of 1:32 parts.

Some work has begun on the engine, Doing my best to create a replica Chevy 427. Valve covers are modeled after a set of DART covers. The block along with the covers are being made from styrene.


Below you can see the stock guide assembly has been completely removed, along with the front axle. This was done to gain room for the engine compartment. Also you see the start of a fabricated replacement guide assembly. This was made from 0.90 styrene, and will utilize stock Carerra replacement braids.


Here is the guide assembly after drilling, showing the braids and guide pin in place. On the right after the disc has been glued in place.

Here are the braids as they will be inserted, on final assembly the front braid tabs will be bent flat & forward, while the rear tabs will be bent flat toward the rear.

These are the electrical leads made from solid brass wire, and brass strip. As seen on the right, after the braids are installed, the brass tabs will press down on them as the screws are tightened.

Little work done on the engine now, being I`m doing a bit of resin casting as I go here and deleloping some new parts in 1:32 scale.



The carburetor is made by using a 1:24 scale carb, cutting it down. Reshaping then casting.



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