Carerra American Muscle Car  Re-Build

This may not apply to everyone, but as my taste in speed (slower is better), realism (slides and side by side door rubbing), and the overall fun factor of slot racing has changed. I have found a new appreciation for the older versions of the Carerra Muscle cars, as in the 1967 Corvette StingRay, 1966 Ford Mustang, & the 1969 Chevy Camaro. As of now these Units are still readily available at many different areas on the web. With a few minor adjustments, all these cars were transformed into some of my most exciting runners. Here are the donors for this how to...

Both cars have been disassembled and the body's have been completely stripped of tampos and paint and repainted. Repainting is not a must for all these cars as you will see at the end. But these 2 needed a little different make-up to fit in with the SCCA type I`m after. Testors Competition orange for the mustang & Plasti-kote Periwinkle on the vette.

Both of the chassis were relieved of all motors, polarity switches,magnets & guides. The axles remain stock however the Stingrays wheels were replaced with a set of steel wheels/tires off a Monogram stocker that was used for another project. The Mustang wheels were replaced with 2 sets of  Monogram Greenwood Vette fronts that were also leftovers from prior projects (they will be painted orange). Front tires are Monogram, rears are from a Scaley gt40.

Both chassis were carrying the front tires off the track surface because of the smaller diameter tires they were fitted with. So now I can get the CG a little lower. To do this I`ve trimmed the guide mount flush with the bottom of the chassis and added NINCO guides to both. Plastistruct sleeves were cut and snapped over both guides to take up the slop and to lock them in place.


Motors have been installed now along with the SCH 8t pinion.I`ve been using the FF-050-SH motor in all of my Carerra rebuilds,

and have found that it`s a nice match for my other NC-1 powered Monogram Vettes and Mustangs. Also both the front and rear chassis mounting holes have been shaved off flush with the tops of the screw stop, along with all 4 sides of the chassis being filed down. All of these procedures were done to help free up the chassis inside the body, and allow for movement. Also the FF-050SH motor allows for lowering of the body about 1/8". As you can see in the left picture, I have added a little lead ballast just in front of the magnet pocket. I added only enough to ballance the chassis front to rear. Do this to your personal preferance.



Now after a few Monogram meatballs, and some numbers, they are now ready for some track time.

As I mentioned earlier, paint is not necessary for all the Carerra Muscle cars. The white and yellow Mustangs pictured below have had all the same items done to them as the 2 I just did. But they only had decals applied to give them a competition look.

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