I`m sure most everyone has run across this problem. There is nothing worse than finding after you remove the body of your new slot car for the basic check and lube job. You find out it`s like building a puzzle to get the lead wires tucked into a un compromising spot. When you think you`ve solved the puzzle, you find there is not enough wire to let the guide move freely. I have found this the most troublesome on just about all of the rear motor Fly cars. There are a few different procedures on how to remedy this. You can lengthen the wires so your able to re-route them. But this just adds to the confusion because now you have more wire to tuck away. Well here is my idea for a out of the way sure fix for this problem.

Above you can see I have noted with the red and white dots where the cars interior sits on top of the lead wires. Both wires have been mashed, one to the point where it is almost flat. Also notice the length of the wire at the top.You can see that it is much to short to be routed anywhere but up the middle, or the guide will be pulled to one side.


I`ll start off here by cutting both the left and right lead wires at about 1 1/4" from the motor. You will just have to eyeball this to be sure you leave enough wire to reach the connection point. Just fold the remaining wire that is attached to the guide forward out of the way. Then take the 2 motor wires and strip off  about 3/16" of the insulation.

Here you can see what I have come up with to remedy the problem. I used 3/16" wide X .025 brass flat bar and formed both parts to fit just along the inside of the chassis ribs. This leaves about 1/4" clearance between them and the interior tub.

Now on the motor wires, I tinned both with solder along with the 2 brass bars. Then solder each wire to its lead bar.

Above I have cut both lead wires that go into the guide,( again eyeball for the proper length) stripped the insulation and soldered them to the front of the brass lead bar.

Now with a little CA glue along the bottom of both brass bars, they can be secured in place. And everything is right with the world ....

This is a new car I started with, so don`t be afraid to dig into this. It will make things so much easier the next time you need to pull the body off.

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