1/32 Monogram Analog Slot Cars - Lola T70 - Driver John Surtees - No. 7     

I did plan on doing my normal step by step build of this project, but unfortunately I lost some early photos due to a PC crash in the dungeon. However I had a few still on my camera card that were useable. With that said lets get started on the re-build.

As shown above this build started with the Monogram Surtees #7 car. First thing was to strip all detail parts from the body then into the 91% alcohol bath. After about 20 minutes it was ready for scrubbing with a brush and a soapy bath in the sink. Jump ahead a bit, the rear wing lets were cut and shaped from some .020 styrene, and the body was sliced down the top side of each rear fender. The back panel was also relieved on each side to accept the wing lets .  These were then glued in to the body on each side and made it a good solid body again.  The rear wing was then fabricated from some thin aluminum, and a piece of 1/16" tubing was glued inside for a mounting point.


Rear fenders were then enlarged & rounded, and a piece of .010 styrene was formed and glued inside of each wheel well to form the flairs. This part was a first try for me, I normally use putty to finish out the flairs. But this time I decided to use Resin. I simply mixed a small batch and poured it over one flair. Once this set up I repeated that step 3 more times until I had the thickness needed. Repeated the same on the other side. This worked so well that there was no sanding needed at all, the primer coat then a wet sand was sufficient for me. Rear wheels are Slot.it 15x8 and IGs with Revell Cobra wheels turned down to inserts. The Cobra wheels were almost a spot on match for the real car. Fronts are the stock Monogram Lolas` painted.


Next up was to try and get the intake scoops made. For this I used a couple mechanical pencils, and removed the tips. They  were then placed in a hobby vise and slightly heated with a pen torch until they resembled the shape I wanted.  I mixed another small amount of resin and filled both so they could be drilled for the 2 pegs that formed the mounting studs. I then used a plastic fork because it had a shape needed to form the injector covers.


Here you can see them in place after the body was measured and drilled for the mounting pegs. You can also make some resemblance of a fork...can`t you? The small air scoop just behind the motor location was also filler, per photos of the real car. Both were filled with Squadron putty and wet sanded.


Off to the paint department for some priming and paint. Primer is filler primer. Very good stuff, it fills in those small scratchs old eyes can no longer see. And wet sands beautifully.

TamiyaUSA Home   TS-64 Dark Mica Blue base coat & Final paint coat with TamiyaUSA Home  TS-53 Deep Metallic Blue


Here the body has been stripped, I thought ..... that I might try and pinstripe it by hand. But I came back to earth quickly Sad

 I ended up using a RC product that comes in different colors and has sticky back a peel off coating. I used a steel ruler to cut as thin a strip as possible. The yellow under the windscreen is also this material.

The SUNOCO SPECIAL decals were made by myself, and I`m not reaL happy with them. They had to be printed using white background decal paper, so they are a bit thick, and the white edges are visible.

Roll bars were made using solder, the body was drilled to accept the 2 rear support bars.

Micro screen was used inside the air intake scoops to resemble fiters.

Mirror was a donor, bracket was made from aluminum sheet stock to resemble the actual car.

Front spoiler was removed, and a aluminum chin spoiler took it`s place. Also a aluminum air deflector was added just above the #6.

Small aluminum brackets were made to resemble the rear spoiler adjuster. Along with a few items added ( filter, gear box, suppoprt bars) under the chassis for eye candy. Exhaust pipes were replaced with a larger diameter aluminum tubing, & painted yellow. Jewelers rivets were used for bolts holding the spoiler on.

Tail lights added because I forgot them in previous picture. ;-)

Notice the ugly white line I refered to around the fender decal.  ERRRR :-(

I may try and trim around them with some blue paint "maybe" in the end, a pretty nice looking ride if I do say so myself.